Data Engineering & Management

An effective data management strategy is becoming increasingly important as organizations rely on intangible assets to create value. To create value, data must be delivered on time and in a readily usable format. Data management is collecting, storing, and using data securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Here are some tools we commonly work with:

Alteryx: A data analytics platform that helps analysts and data scientists automate data workflow, analyze and predict using data from multiple sources with a user-friendly interface and code-free capabilities.

KNIME: Open-source software that allows users to access, blend, analyze, and visualize data without any coding. Its low-code, no-code interface offers an easy introduction for beginners and an advanced data science set of tools for experienced users.

Informatica: A data integration and management platform with a suite of products designed to help organizations extract, transform, and load their data. Join data from disparate sources and test quality using its governance capabilities.

Collibra: A data catalog and governance platform that helps organizations document and understand their data. It unifies multiple teams, from business users to IT professionals, by providing a single source of truth.

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