Artificial Intelligence

Let AI tackle tedious work, freeing up resources to focus on your core business. With recent advances in language models and improved processing power from cloud computing, the applications of this technology are growing on an exponential scale.

Here are some tools we commonly work with:

ChatGPT: An innovative natural language tool that can be applied to various business areas. ChatGPT powers chatbots, provides advice, writes content, and interacts with other applications.

Thoughtspot: A search analytics platform designed to help organizations analyze data in real time and derive insights using natural language prompts to produce visualizations.

Tellius: Enables business users and analytics teams to quickly understand the critical drivers behind customer behaviors using natural language.

Tibco Spotfire: Underpinned by embedded data science, Spotfire delivers capabilities at scale for predictive, geolocation, and streaming analytics —all in one decision platform.

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