Summarize case findings in seconds, automate document generation, and optimize your legal workflow. Custom-built AI solutions can remove unnecessary burdens from your team.

Business Challenges

Operating in the legal industry is not easy. Countless hours are spent writing up repetitive legal documents. There is a significant burden of document generation and validation. Information from previous cases might be digitized, but not in a readily available format.

The overall environment seems to be antiquated in today’s digital age – and with the recent advances in AI, legal firms that invest in custom-built software, data, and AI tools will have a solid competitive advantage.

Effective use of technology can:

  • Highlight associations between cases – Providing insights into legal strategies based on past results
  • Classify and summarize hundreds of documents – Quickly identifying potential issues or errors
  • Automate document generation – Freeing up time to focus on creative and client-specific tasks


Use Cases

Automation and A.I. can be serve many purposes for legal professionals, including:

Automated Document Generation

Create standardized templates that can be mass produced, or leverage language models to help write long corpuses of text. It’s never been easier to leverage A.I. to improve both the quality and depth of documents being produced.

Historical Insights

Leverage information from previous cases that might not have been easily accessible before. Through data digitization and standardization, your employees can easily access historical information to help with legal strategy and general research.

Document Digitization & Classification

Make data your greatest asset by fully digitizing and organizing all documentation. Machine learning can rapidly complete this task, and remove most of the manual effort needed to properly classify items.

Audit Tools & Quality Control

Standardize the output coming from your firm and get better control over the quality of work being provided. Implement tools that help employees get things done correctly, and reduce the chance of costly errors.

Track & Optimize Operations

Improve visibility into operations by incorporating tracking tools for your business process. Understand how much effort is being put into each step of your projects, and gain insight into where to focus on removing bottlenecks or other process inefficiencies.

Employee Empowerment

Unleash the power of data within your organization by enabling employees to easily access historical documents and other relevant information. Allow employees to focus on “value add” tasks, and leave the heavy lifting for the computers.

Strategic Approach & Implementation

We don’t follow a standard framework when partnering with legal professionals. Databender builds custom solutions specific to your business – to enable the full benefits of automation and AI.

The biggest challenge when implementing technical solutions is a lack of understanding about the business. To build truly impactful solutions, a majority of time should be spent understanding the problem.

Creating standardized software is easy. Developing impactful solutions requires a much more rigorous approach. 

Reach out today to learn more about how custom-built software and AI solutions can reduce costs, optimize operations, and provide a strategic advantage for your business!

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