Content Creators

Bring your content to the next level by offering software & analytical tools to your followers.

Business Challenges

There is an endless amount of content being produced today. To compete with established creators, newcomers must find ways to compete outside of traditional methods. 

Integrating custom-built tools with your content offerings can significantly impact your following by:

  • Differentiation – Custom-built dashboards and other software tools can provide value to your audience outside of traditional means
  • Content Optimization – Automated monitoring of content performance through a combination of AI and custom-built tools
  • Analytical Strategy – Leverage proprietary data collected from content analytics to understand what works best for your business

Use Cases

Common applications of software, data, and AI in the creator economy

Develop relevant and targeted content through automated research and content creation
Provide value to followers outside of traditional means with custom built tools
Take an analytical approach to content creation by leveraging proprietary data
Create compelling visuals and interactive tools that are engaging and helpful
Determine optimal timing, frequency, and find your most profitable platforms
Translate complex data & research into compelling stories with the click of a button

Strategic Approach & Implementation

We don’t follow a standard framework when partnering with content creators. Databender builds custom solutions specific to your business – to enable the full benefits of automation and AI.

The biggest challenge when implementing technical solutions is a lack of understanding about the business. To build truly impactful solutions, a majority of time should be spent understanding the problem.

Creating standardized software is easy. Developing impactful solutions requires a much more rigorous approach. 

Reach out today to learn more about how custom-built software and AI solutions can reduce costs, optimize operations, and provide a strategic advantage for your business!

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