Integrate marketing automation tools with your data warehouse

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Manage customer experience at scale by removing data siloes and creating “information highways”

Effective marketing is one of the biggest drivers of growth for every organization. To meet this need, new tools have emerged that help empower organizations to deliver a well-rounded customer experience by automating and measuring marketing tasks. 

Marketo is one of the market leaders in this category – and it can provide a wealth of information about the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, help optimize user engagement, and assess the quality of leads generated. However, data siloes need to be broken down to fully automate and personalize marketing communications.

Case Study

See below for a high level overview of a Marketo Integration with Snowflake Master Data Management (MDM) using Talend.


The main issue that needed to be alleviated for this solution was the data silos that existed between systems. Marketo was unable to communicate with other CRM systems to understand what communications and interactions each customer was having.

Because there was no communication between systems, automated marketing emails were poorly timed. Overall customer experience was suffering as a result.


Build a solution that, at minimum, enables:

  • A master data management platform that standardizes data from multiple CRMs and other digital sources
  • Automatic daily updates of communications data with clients, website interactions, etc.
  • Ability to segment target customers based on specific criteria for automated marketing tasks
  • Provide accurate, up-to-date data to all business users for multiple aspects of the business


Based on the needs listed above, our team recommended Talend as the data integration tool for this process. Talend is a modern cloud-based ETL tool with a powerful array of features and pre-built connectors for many data sources. We were able to leverage Talend’s Snowflake connector for a simple connection to the Data Warehouse, and built a custom REST API connection to Marketo.

One of the biggest benefits of using Talend was “in-flight” data quality checks, ensuring the data was formatted properly for all automated marketing communications when it was transferred between systems. The data refresh time was reduced to near real-time as well, another benefit of the tools we recommended.

Marketing and sales teams are now able to see, in near real-time, the communications being sent to clients through Marketo. Marketo is able to more effectively segment customers due to the wealth of information available in the internal databases. The ability to easily pass data back and forth between these systems enables new levels of efficiency and automation.

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