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Our Mission, Team Members, and Experience.

Our Mission

At Databender, we are passionate about enabling others to work with technology. 

Leveraging your digital assets can be transformational for your business, and we are here to make software and analytics easy.

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Why us?

We are technology agnostic – meaning our team is not tied to any specific software or framework for our solutions.

We can design, build, and
implement solutions using a variety of tools – both open source and SaaS.

We are business-focused, creating data environments that enable business users to make strategic decisions quickly and easily.

We aim to create the simplest, most effective solution for your organization – no technical fluff needed.

Grant Bender

Founder & Chief Data Bender

Hello, I’m Grant Bender …

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Specialists in solving problems in various disciplines, including web mobile and custom software development, application testing, management, security, and support.

Haystack transforms how companies harvest data for a better future.


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