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A note from our founder:

Technology has always fascinated me. Whether it be something as complex as space travel or something as simple as a pencil — our ability as humans to create tools to help navigate the world is something no other species on Earth does.

Today’s digital world revolves around advanced computing technology, and its reach constantly expands. From products such as cell phones and electric cars to government systems that enable mass surveillance and even smart cities or virtual worlds, our existence will continue to intertwine with the technology we create. Knowing what is going on behind the scenes has become imperative as these systems become more ingrained in our daily lives.

These countless systems we interact with generate billions of gigabytes of data daily. This data has, in turn, become very valuable to those who know how to use it correctly. Many organizations (and individuals) understand the value of their data but cannot effectively combine all their data sources and make sense of what it all means. This core problem is the reason why Databender was created.

Our purpose is to serve as data and analytics experts to enable others to harness the true power of technology. Whether that be a simple tool for tracking business performance or a chatbot that uses A.I. to help automate customer support— the potential applications of good, quality data are endless.

This blog aims to be educational on the latest technology and software trends while highlighting some of the cool and interesting applications of data science & analytics. Data has truly become the oil of the 21st century, and our mission is to help others fully utilize its value.

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